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hi. i'm amanda. i live in texas and i'm a junior at cy-fair hs.
drumming is my passion. i am a part of my school's drumline and love every minute of it.
a little about what i do...
freshman year i was a marimba player during marching season and a bass 2 player during indoor drumline season. sophomore year i was a snare player on the field/ tenor player in the stands during marching season and a bass 2 player (again!) during indoor drumline season. i can play anything, instrument wise i guess, but my weakest is tenors most definately. i'm not horrible though. =] i love snare, i love it. but secretly my favorite thing to do is play four mallets on the marimba.
during indoor drumline season, my school entered TCGC (TEXAS COLOR GUARD CIRCUIT). 2005 was our first year. in 2005 we won second place in division AA and 2006 we won second place in division A. i am proud of what we have accomplished and hope someday we can be in the top division and win first!

tomorrow i am leaving for the university of texas to go to a percussion camp which starts moday. and i'm really excited. my best friend and i are both playing snare (mind you, we're girls) and most of the competition there will be guys. so pressure, embarrassment, and anxiousness will be around constantly. haha, we have to show 'em. no joke.
i will be back on friday and hopefully i will return to comments!

also, i need a recomendation for a good four mallet piece to play. not easy, but not extremely advanced like those six mallet players... whoa. anyway. i played YELLOW AFTER THE RAIN last year, which was rather easy yet annoying for me because i've heard it so much, and i have started to learn RHYTHM SONG but i don't know if i'll have the patience to learn 10 pages of music. mm i don't know the composers of either of those. ha! some drummer i am.

haha, sorry for the long post. i applaude you if you managed to read this far and not skip anything. yeah! eventually i'll get some pictures up here of past competitions and football games so you can see how cool we are, yeah right. but we sure do have a lot of fun!

keep drumming.

ps: i just recently made a new drumming community, STICKVSFIST, and i'm hoping you all will join it. help! there are only four members including myself and it would make me feel good if you joined! thanks!
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